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Voice Services

With experience working in vocal recording and Foley art since 2019,

Project Smythical proudly provides several services for writers of all types.

Whether it be character voices, story narration, non-narrative reading or audio marketing, I work extremely close with my clients to provide the best possible listening experience for listeners or users.



Want to bring a story to life?

From basic narration for presentations to full theatrical performances for your grand adventures, from your mind to their ears - you're covered!​

  • Narrative and non-narrative experiences

  • Ambiance and music

  • Original foley art - copyright free!

Narrative Demo #1
Narrative Demo #3
Audible Sample #1

Check me out on Audible as the narrator William Walker!

Narration Demo #2
Narrative Demo #4
Audible Sample #2

Look for my storytelling podcast "The Wandering Tavern" on Spotify!

Audio Engineering

I have experience in an array of audio hardware, editing software and radio broadcasting technologies. Including but not limited to:

  • Adobe Audition, Audacity, Garageband

  • Studio condenser mics, Behringer soundcards, dbx processors

  • Broadwave, PlayoutONE, Siman, MusicMaster 

  • Digital mixing boards: Tascam, Behringer, AudioArts


From simple vocal tracks for advertisements to full audio marketing projects complete with music and sound ambiance, Project Smythical will work with you to create the sound you want your potential users to hear.

30 Second Spot #1
30 Second Spot #2
Microphone Sound Editing

Documentary work


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